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ZED-i’s vision is to decouple building energy use from economic growth in India through a new science of zero peak energy building design for warm climates. 


  • Weather files: This WP will generate synthetic average and extreme current and future weather files  covering India                                          

  • Buildings and occupants: The detailed post-occupancy evaluation (POE) of 60 buildings all over India.

       Peak suppression at building level: Testing Selected strategies under real weather at a purpose-built facility.

  • Peak suppression at network level: Demand profiles at building level are susceptible to the complex interaction of climate, buildings and people such that small building level “bumps” can synchronize to form sharp network level peaks. 

  • A proto standard for zero peak design: Devising a step-by-step process for designing climateresilient zero-peak compliant buildings.



  • India’s first weather generator (WGI) purpose-built to produce building simulation weather files.

  • A robust new Occupant Response Model that predict behavior under peak and non-peak conditions.


  • Well calibrated and documented thermal models. Best in class strategies graded by peak suppression and spread of geographical applicability.


  • New field validated and demonstrated dynamic models of peak suppression at network level.


  • A new open access standard for zero peak design in India

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